Talent Market Research and Analysis

For Larger organizations looking for long-term improvements in Human Infrastructural Development & Talent Management we provide services.

Compensation and competition benchmarking. Bespoke market intelligence across skills, domain and location.

Case Study.


A leading International BPO firm which recently got acquired and heading for integration with the acquired entity asked us to do a talent research and compensation bench mark study for various Human Resource and business roles on availability, catchment areas of talent pool, market rates and benchmarking of compensation in comparison to their target competition from where they attract talent and as well loose talent to.


Hirexa carried out primary and secondary research with a sample set of hundred target candidates cutting across HR and Business roles for the bespoke study, through primary and secondary research. Simultaneously the connects / surveys with select sample in each role / experience category was carried out peeping into competitive and peer data.

Finally the complied data was revalidated with compensation and other professional sites to corroborate the findings

Our Solution:

Hirexa team compiled and the final report with various cuts of analytics across multiple market parameters such as skills availability in target locations, compensation benchmark in comparison to the competition and presented the fact findings. This helped the client create a recruiting and HR asset through this study and take some strategic decisions immediately, defining some long term HR and business goals.

Our talent research and supply mapping services have evolved and supported to a plethora of needs identified by our client including:

  • Risk mitigation and contingency planning, mainly for key roles
  • Market mapping of high demand / short supply job groups or scarce skill areas
  • Gender mapping in response to workplace gender equality drivers
  • Market intelligence gathering on competitor organisational structures, headcount, job content or remuneration & benefits

Be it market intelligence on market skills, candidate availability, compensation and locations, we strive to provide research inputs working with our team, they now own a comprehensive Talent Map that will be used not only for recruiting purposes but also provides market intelligence to inform their own Talent Management Practices