Smart sourcing

The smart sourcing recruitment management model

At hirexa, we have developed a unique operational model to help us achieve maximum accuracy, compatibility and quality with minimum resources of time, cost and human input.

By using superior processes in Sourcing, Screening and Selection of candidates we ensure a win-win situation for both the candidate & the client organization.

key highlights

  • Tailors sourcing efforts to meet the specific needs of each position.
  • Systematically captures key intelligence from each prospect interaction.
  • Uses data to select sources that yield quality hires for a given position.
  • Deliberately provides transparent, accurate information about the career opportunity.
  • Actively seek to influence strategy, not just to fulfill orders.

what drives us?

  • Unparalleled commitment.
  • Speed, quality and quantity is our scared mantra.
  • Recruitment life cycle differentiation with reduced source to offer and joining time.