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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Enterprises on a high-growth trajectory, bank on finding the right talent to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. Through years of experience in the Talent Acquisition marketplace, we observed that high-volume hiring for companies looking to grow their organisation can often be a costly and time consuming affair.

Through our Recruitment Process Outsourcing vertical we pride ourselves in fulfilling our customers’ needs for super specialised positions across the Globe Consistently and Cost effectively.

We provide the complete internal recruiting infrastructure to Small, Medium and Large-scale Enterprises which can manage the end-to-end recruitment life cycle or be used as a Plug and Play solution to supplement our customers’ specific requirements.

Ultimately all these conveys about outsourcing the functions to specialized organization so that resource optimization and timely delivery is ensured while the functions which are cost centers ensure there is a tab on cost by retaining or reducing cost.

Our impeccable track record in compliance solutions within the recruitment framework ensures integrity and improvement in the employment branding process for our clients.

Recruitment function has increasingly become challenging with dynamic change in business demand increasing the Demand-Supply Gap. Hiring the Right Talent at Right Time at Desired Location can be a herculean task which can be a drain on crucial resources.

Understanding today's challenging business landscape, customers’ requirements and our core strengths, our Recruitment Process Outsourcing offerings consist of

  • Activity owned delivery
  • Success based or End delivery
  • Recruiter on demand

Activity Owned Delivery

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We work closely with client to understand their current process and the expected delivery and suggest as well own the responsibility to improve the internal processes by adopting our experience and technology to attain increased efficiencies.

As analytics play a key role and every activity has to be measured, We have introduced multiple metrics based activity measuring tools in the recruitment processes enabling us to analyse and work on continuous improvement by introducing training, technology and customized process.

The activity kicks off at the stage of need expectation from business on type of resources required, by sharing the true market intelligence and best possible resources that can be attracted to the supply chain management, pre-screening and selection process, scheduling, offer process, back ground verification checks and on boarding.

Success Based Or End Delivery

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Hirexa takes complete ownership on business requirement, having resources on boarded as per TAT. It is the delivery commitment and undoubtedly the quality of the candidate pool available as per the business requirement that plays a bigger role and obviously all commercials are evaluated on the end results.

This method not only ensure the deliver commitment, it also gives the cost advantage as there is a dedicated team focused and their 100% efforts are only on one assignment/business requirements.

The scope includes the entire process from analysing business need to on boarding, but most importantly the resource planning, downsizing or increasing recruiters strength based on fluctuation of business.

Recruiter On Demand

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Hirexa has the right team having expertise and experience at various stages of recruitment process and is trained to work on more efficient manner to deliver results in lower costs, shorter turnaround time and better quality.

This capability is the result of our presence in industry for last 2 decades and having diverse experience on various domains and variety of clients in terms of size, type and culture.

These pools of recruiters are deployed at your end for required duration based on your need hence avoiding your fixed cost and allowing you to use our resources based on your business requirements fluctuation.

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