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Engineering Services

RTL Design, Verification and GLS

Hirexa provides solutions to some of the biggest names in the global semiconductor industry in the areas of Design, Verification, GLS, SystemC & AMS.

Physical Design Signoff, DFT and PV

At Hirexa Solutions, Physical Design Service offerings are comprised of having expertise in following domains

PSV, FPGA Design and Emulation

Hirexa has a team of high quality engineers in the areas of FPGA Design, Prototyping & Emulation as well as a large technically-proven team in PSV.

AMS & Std. Cell, Memory & IO Layouts

Our team has in-depth expertise on variety of IPs such as SerDes (10, 16, 30 & 56 Gbps), DDRphy, USB 2.0, MIPIphy and Power management.

Embedded Software

Explosive growth of data consumptions due to Smartphones and e-commerce is putting tremendous stress on the existing data networking infrastructure.

Enterprise Application SW

Enterprise application world is rapidly moving towards SaaS. Main driver for this is the ease in accessing enterprise data from various devices.

Big Data, Analytics and Cloud Services

Our expertise is in Data migration and integration and Big Data management.


Internet of things is all about networking of physical object with sensors collecting information and connected to the internet.

Testing, Security & Platform

The electronics industry is moving into a new era in which the primary product differentiation comes from softwares.

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