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About Hirexa

Hirexa Solutions, a leading player in the United Kingdom, European and Indian recruitment ecosystem, is the fastest growing next-generation provider of Technology Talent. We facilitate our prolific customers in becoming resourceful, achieve higher productivity, adopt a nimble structure and effectively execute project deliverables.

Envisaged and co-founded, by veterans of the Information Technology industry, with the profound yet simple vision of deploying resources at the centre of recruitment life cycle, Hirexa Solutions aims to make recruitments efficient, flawless and cost-effective.

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Our unwavering commitment to and perseverance in strategic smart investments in intelligent technology lend credence to our cogent passion for people and to bolster talent and support organizations to envision and actualize their true potential.

Our unique model enscones industry benchmark standards by delivering peerless, world-class and bespoke solutions with the sole focus on creating value and ensuring our clientele's holistic success.

Our ultimate mission of customer success is enshrined in our relentless pursuit to deliver efficient, credible and professional individuals who can become pillars of company's prosperity. Our incomparable competency in delivering a professionally rewarding environment to our talent pool is our touchstone.

Hirexa’s flagship RPO services to its clients in the healthcare, IT & software, telecom, mass media & entertainment, banking & finance, auto/engineering, retail and insurance domains are tailored, cost-effective and complaisant.

We offer the following benefits to the industry

  • Talented recruiters with top-of-the-shelf talent identification skills and sagacious insights of the Indian and international markets.
  • Analytical and interpretative skills for precise comprehension of the current dynamic work landscape.
  • Leveraging technology for identifying the right candidates for a job.
  • Flexible and cost-effective scalable services with long term commitment to the recruiting companies.
  • Emphasis on relationship building with job aspirants and industry to promote healthy hiring and firing practises.

The services offered by Hirexa have resulted in:

  • An industry-beating 85% conversion ratio for our clients.
  • A 90% decrement in billing costs per month.
  • Implementation of a transparent governance model, integrating commercials worked out for the deployed consultants, thereby enabling a win-win scenario for the client as well as the end customer.

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